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Despite all the latest digital marketing technology, the fundamentals of good marketing haven’t changed a whole lot. At its core, we still need a solid strategy. And we still need to make human connections. That is The Heart of Marketing. Join hosts Jayme Soulati and John Gregory Olson for an informative and entertaining romp through the digital marketing world today. You get an insider view of a variety of topics to help you win customers and grow sales. Some of the topics we’ll cover include: online publishing, public relations, content marketing, social media, mobile, branding, message mapping, marketing integration, and lots more. All delivered with the wit and wisdom of two accomplished marketing pros. Meet your hosts ... JAYME SOULATI is president of Soulati Media, Inc. and is a message mapping master. She hails from Chicago's public relations firms and delivers strategically blended marketing based on core PR with content, social and digital. She is an award-winning blogger since 2010 and brings perspective in business since 1984. Jayme is a past president of the Publicity Club of Chicago. Find her at JOHN GREGORY OLSON has more than 25 years of B2B marketing experience in both agencies and corporations spanning manufacturing, legal publishing, imaging supplies, healthcare, and nonprofit. John has designed and executed marketing strategies that have generated in excess of $300 million in revenue for 3M, Thomson Reuters and other global businesses. John is a past president of the Midwest Direct Marketing Association. In 2014, John was ranked #52 on Onalytica's list of the top 200 content marketing influencers in the world. John specializes in helping midsized business organizations grow customers and sales with integrated digital marketing strategies. Find John at
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Dec 28, 2016

You know that company Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat? Well its campaign to launch Snap Spectacles is pure PR genius, and the textbooks will tell the tale time and time again.

The beauty of scarcity and gamification is what made the launch of Snap Spectacles so sweet. With Snap Bots popping up with 24-hour notice in innocuous places, peeps were clamoring and racing and competing to sweep up multiples to keep, sell and laud over others unable to get in on the fun.

In this episode of The Heart of Marketing, John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati weave the stories as told in the Wall Street Journal and also showcase the campaign elements that make this strategy such a success.

There is so much fun in this strategy, and the timing couldn't be better as Snap Inc. readies for IPO. Take a listen and get in on some of the cleverness that should have the marketing team sweeping the PR Anvil Awards.

Oh, and if you grab a pair of the specs and have a story to share, please be sure you fill us in on your experience; we'd love to know!

Dec 20, 2016

The 2016 POTUS election created a firestorm among advertisers; so much so that the new whisper on the street is that advertisers are missing the mark.

What's the mark, you might ask?

Why, it's Middle America -- that mark! Advertisers have always targeted coastal elite as their consumer of choice. Those folks who walk Michigan Avenue, Rodeo Drive and 5th Avenue with disposable income for luxurious products, you know, all the gorgeous people who inhabit the nation's largest metropolises.

Today? After the election that brought the U.S. Donald Trump? NOT SO MUCH.

Advertisers are definitely in a hot spot spiral without a connection to the new mainstream -- those consumers who live and breathe the fresh air of small-town and rural America. That's the new consumer, and advertisers haven't a clue how to relate with them.

While Jayme Soulati heads down about three rabbit holes this episode, John Gregory Olson shares his professorial approach to what's happening and why voice of customer is so important with which to align.

For sure the main point emanating from this episode is 'Get Local.' Advertiser? You're gonna have to do just that and that goes for brands, companies, businesses and the like that want to better understand the new mainstream.

Collect your data. Plot some inference. Draw conclusions. And revamp the strategy. It's the only way to get in touch with the new normal.

Dec 13, 2016

Today's very special guest is ringleader Ms. Lorraine Ball, an 'old-school marketer' with Round Peg in Indianapolis.

To get the very most from Lorraine's expertise, Jayme Soulati segmented the interview into three distinct sections:

1) What is consumer-driven content?

2) Website design and some tips for businesses

3) Future of social media -- any ideas?

Lorraine has lots to say on each, and she provides excellent tips on ensuring the customer, web visitor and peruser of the Interwebz have a lot of content with which to interact, share, like, and basically help nudge to the top of the news feed.

She gives perspective and concepts about specialty campaigns and how to think differently about each -- you know there's always a contest, submit your photo, or other way to interact to promote consumer-driving content, right?

You'll get some good insight here, and we do encourage you to take a look at Lorraine's website because it's extremely well done.

You're listening to The Heart of Marketing.


Dec 6, 2016

CMOs are whining, and how do we know that?

Just read any industry publication, like this editorial from Rance Crain in Advertising Age about CMOs missing the mark with advertising, how to reach consumers, programmatic advertising, and more advertising disrupting consumers on every platform and channel.  Here, Mr. Crain shares the latest conundrum in the marketing sector by the president of the Association of National Advertisers who 'unfolded a barrage of litanies on the failings of marketing.' Woah!

Is your CMO the best human capital you can get for your business? If you look around, you'll see a ton of infighting in the C-suite where CEOs are losing trust in their CMOs ability to unite the disparate factions in the marketing realm.

There are so many specialty disciplines and a 'chaotic supply chain' that CMOs and their teams are being too tactical and less visionary and strategic.

How do marketers reach we consumers with the ad messages and storytelling they think we want to hear?

In this episode, we address the great, big whine and then look at some suggestions in the Heart of the Matter for how your organization can insulate from the negative vibe and get beyond the budget wars in programmatic, social, direct, inbound, advertising, social marketing, PR, and more!

You may like:

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The Almighty Consumer Hates You Advertiser is also popular and looks at the disruption by advertising across the social divide.

Nov 29, 2016

Marketing is enduring a highly disrupted phase, and the confidence in its abilities is waning in the C-suite.

This episode of The Heart of Marketing with John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati is a conversation about the current state of marketing oriented to the confusion of people-based marketing.

It's not what you think! People are not the priority of people-based marketing; advertising dollars are. Advertising is struggling to keep its foothold of power, and many larger corporations are whining about the ad blockers and lack of attention by consumers.

What does this mean for smaller businesses?

John and Jayme provide some encouragement about doing traditional marketing well. Get messaging in order; develop the standard marketing and public relations programs that communicate and touch people directly. Ensure brochures are thoughtful and targeted with a call to action.

Make your marketing effort sustainable by getting back to the heart core of your business with values-based marketing that delivers a solid customer experience.

Nov 21, 2016
  • Getting to 100 anything, years, days, podcasts, pennies, and blog posts is a celebratory milestone we all have to commemorate.

    On The Heart of Marketing podcast, John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati are doing just that with a special, special guest Mark W. Schaefer, the international influencer, thought leader and digital marketing guru and author we so love.

    Mark shares his visionary thoughts about a variety of topics including:
  • His new book coming in 2017 about 'being known,' a project he announced right here (!) and whether anyone can become known
  • Discussion about what it means to be a heroic brand and being human with servant leadership graciousness.
  • How finding a sustainable interest  keeps passion and voice alive
  • Why he elected not to update his website for three years
  • And, so much more

    Mark Schaefer owns one of the most influential brands in marketing today, and  you can follow him everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for sure. He shares his stories about teaching at Rutgers and elsewhere; he shares news of his global speaking engagements; he writes a ton; he shares observations from the front; and he also shares guffaws with Tom Webster on his podcast The Marketing Companion.

    We're so thankful to be celebrating our 100th with Mark Schaefer and YOU! Tune in; this is a can't miss episode!
Nov 15, 2016

Podcasting tips come pretty easy to The Heart of Marketing co-hosts John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati. In this episode, we take a look over our shoulders and remember our faves and how we got to this mile marker on our journey to 100.

We've never skipped a beat; publishing weekly since Feb. 2015, and we're still going strong because we love what we do.

Our bootstrap operation is still that. We don't have the funding to do a mass market appeal, so we rely on word-of-mouth marketing to take our show to wider audiences. We so thank you for supporting our weekly podcast! Please share it with friends, sign up for our weekly episodes (via, and send us a suggestion for a show topic, too.

Today, you'll hear our 10, or so, suggestions on why our podcast is a success. What did we do to make it, bring it live, keep it fresh?

I, Jayme Soulati, have my cohost to thank profusely for his work as the Chief Technical Officer who has mastered all the behind-the-scenes tech stuff. If I hadn't found John Gregory Olson via serendipity, this show could not have been possible.

There's a lot to running a podcast, and there's a lot more to keeping it alive. Take a listen today; we do our customary banter and show our love for one another and YOU. Thanks for listening; now go be #RockHot!

Nov 8, 2016

This is probably the shortest headline we've ever written for a Heart of Marketing episode, and rightly so, we're talking about making the pitch, the ask, the sell, the cold call, and whatever else you'd like to say about some kind of sales.

Everyone sells every day; from the elementary school kid selling magazines and sorority fundraising for a cause-related campaign to the employee wannabe trying to get a foot in the door.

Is your pitch perfect?

Probably not, and that's why this episode should give you some tips on:

1. Personalization
2. Research beforehand
3. How to write the pitch
4. Whether a deck is in order
5. Using email -- how about the subject line?
6. Cold calling -- what do you say first?

Well, you get the drift, and we often forget that being short, concise, simple, and appreciative are some of the ways to make the best pitch perfect.

At the end, there's a final thing you have to do and that's to 'say thanks.'

Nov 1, 2016

In business today, gratitude is something oft forgotten and quite necessary. There are cultures very oriented to gift-giving as gratitude. We recognize the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans for example, and in this episode we share a story about professional tennis players who receive generous gifts from Asian fans.

We also talk about the Twitter thank you, why gratitude is part of value and our 5 Pillars of Heart Marketing, and also about customer delight.

In this (time stamp) month of giving thanks, John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati want to express sincerely how much we appreciate YOU, our own fans and listeners for your time to hear us wax and guffaw about the very disrupted space of marketing. We HEART YOU!

The Heart of Marketing, the world's very best podcast for small to medium businesses.

Oct 25, 2016

Don’t get caught up in the opening today when Jayme Soulati goes squarely down the rabbit hole to the delight of John Gregory Olson who has to show his technical expertise by playing audio emojis every two minutes. Heh.

Today is a volley where we lob a thought back and forth about traits of a marketing leader.

John starts with Jayme’s favorite – strategy, planning, data, and analytics. Frankly, Jayme thinks he’s wrapping four traits into one.

Each cohosts on The Heart of Marketing raise solid leadership qualities you need in your organization from the marketing department. John is a goal-setting guy, so that’s an obvious quality. But, turning data into insights to make customers lives better is also critical.

Flexibility and focus come to mind and a disciplined mind is helpful in ignoring day-to-day minutiae.

The two discuss a variety of traits across leadership, team building and creativity of a marketing leader.

Be sure and listen to the ‘Heart of the Matter’ at the end where John and Jayme provide a wrap-up viewpoint with a twist in perspective.  


Oct 18, 2016

That title is not really link bait because in this episode of The Heart of Marketing Jayme Soulati does speak about developing and writing a 10-minute presentation for an actual panel at SMI-Dayton, a new social media conference held in October 2016.

When creating engaging and inspired content, it's important to remember the following tips:

1. Listen to the podcast (because it's a shortie as begets the length of the presentation Jayme developed).
2. Create a story, and that's what John Gregory Olson liked about what Jayme did for her presentation titled, "First Comes Love."
3. Write in your head because most really good writers are always multi-tasking in their heads while in the shower, on a hike, working out, driving, etc.
4. Find your heart core from which your story and creativity emanate
5. Listen to the podcast (LOL)

Jayme gives more tips in this episode, and if you'd like to see a copy of her presentation deck, you can do so on LinkedIn, SlideShare and The Heart of Marketing website, too.

We also want to shout out to Michelle Mazur who was interviewed by Jayme in a previous episode. Michelle is a professional speaking coach, and she's got a few books and courses to help you become a better speaker.

In the past, we did do a very popular episode on SlideShare, and we invite you to take a listen to it; it's evergreen.

Thanks for listening!

Oct 11, 2016

We've been talking influencers for many episodes now, and this conversation is about how you build an influencer relations program. We kinda wend our way there with solid tips in the Heart of the Matter, so listen to the end!

John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati are co-hosts of The Heart of Marketing. With Jayme's perspective and orientation to public relations, and John's orientation to marketing, each brings thoughts on defining influencers and who they are.

Both agree, influencers are NOT free!

To build a program:

  • Define your goals and set strategy
  • Determine outcome and ability to measure
  • Find the influencer with the right chemistry for your program
  • Execute some test tactics to see if the fit is right
  • Launch wider and see how it goes

You'll get more out of this episode because we cover a lot of ground. Take a listen and let us know how you like it!

Oct 4, 2016

When you think about how you interact with your customers, what value do you offer to them? We think customers are pretty much spoiled and expect to receive intense value in business offerings.

Since the great '08 recession, businesses had to re-jigger the value proposition and lure customers in with coupons, discounts, BOGO offers, charitable contributions, sales and giveaways (TOMS, Warby Parker), and so much more.

Before you can become a values-based business, you need to understand what value means to you in business. We're talking about the emotional intangibles here, so please take a listen and get thinking about your own value proposition.

In this episode of The Heart of Marketing, we look deeply into the Harvard Business Review about an article on value. When you visit you will find an image of the pyramid featured in this article we reference. Perhaps you can find the value in your business and offer that up to your customers and audience.

Sep 27, 2016

Authenticity means trust and having integrity, and that applies in your workplace culture and even in your own life.

John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati tackle this esoteric topic and try to put some arms around its definition with examples of those brands that have lead us all astray with lack of authenticity.

The co-hosts spend some time dissecting the Wells Fargo debacle and discuss other brands that have recently had run ins with lack of authenticity, too.

When you think of authenticity, it begins with self. Once your authentic self is established, then you need to present that in various settings that may require a blending of core values with workplace culture.

There are so many angles to this topic, and the most important one is to understand the definition of authenticity as it relates to you -- where you live, where you work, and where you're going.


Sep 20, 2016

Tiny Abayomi-Paul has cancer, and she's not afraid to say so. She's also one of the most intelligent entrepreneur marketers in the Heart Marketing Community and beyond.

This episode is her story and our gift to her to more widely share that story and help make the ask for Tinu to fund her cancer treatment. This is a cancer fundraising story with a marketing twist because our friend, a marketer, needs your help, please.

Tinu has a page at Give Forward that her friends set up. She shares images of chemo and rest days, and she shares updates of her progress. Regardless, her journey ahead is a rough one with uncertainty over how much energy it will take to heal while attempting to find the funds to pay for the treatment and without ability to service clients in her business.

Tiny has given John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati the opportunity to share her story, raise the awareness about the cancer conversation, and to invite our peers to help a marketer in need.

We, John and Jayme ask politely if you'll do that? Will you please Give Forward to help Tinu Abayomi-Paul meet her fundraising goals for medical necessity?

Any of us who go it alone as the sole or primary breadwinner in a family are fearful of the what-if situation. That's why, when Jayme heard Tinu was ill and in need, she immediately invited Tinu to the show.

What is the name of our show? The HEART of MARKETING. We could not say no to this heartful story of a marketer who is fighting cancer.

Give Forward

Here's Tinu's Fuuuuudge Cancer Campaign page

Tweet with Tinu

Here's Tinu's Blog with stuff from her journey.

Sep 13, 2016

Hang on to your seat, #RockHot listeners! This episode of the Heart of Marketing, our 90th, please note, is chock full of rabbit holes, a sound bite from a thought leader you may recognize from the marketing realm, discussion about what's behind the PPC click, how customer shopping is driving marketers crazy...AND...what do we mean by higher purpose in business?

Whew. Seriously.

Jayme Soulati, cohost, raises points about small businesses that decide to launch PPC campaigns without purpose. The problem becomes that lack of substance behind the click due to the lack of strategic purpose in developing the campaign to begin with.

John Gregory Olson, cohost, raises a Millward Brown study of the top 50 fastest growing brands and shares how many bring value and purpose to customers. 

At the very end of the day, we ask 'why.' Why is your business a business? Why do you do what you do for customers? And, why are customers delighted about your product and service?

Purpose-driven business is not just purpose-driven marketing. It goes deeper, and that's why John raises the 5 Pillars of Heart Marketing in this episode.

If you take anything away from this episode besides John razzing Jayme into fits and giggles, you'll ponder whether your business is managing to a higher purpose.

(Do take a look at John's link about higher-purpose customer service; the link is accessible via his name above.)

Sep 6, 2016

One of our synergistic items is the fact that Jayme Soulati and John Gregory Olson have both worked directly in legal marketing. Jayme was a consultant with LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters for 12 years total, and John worked directly at Thomson.

Each stint was oriented to software marketing and working with influencers to promote the brand without promoting the name of the brand!

The opportunities for legal software marketing are endless, and in this episode with a B-to-B bent, we explore many:

Case studies

White papers

Blogs and tips series

Annual meetings and tradeshows

Association thought leadership

Speaking engagements and presentations

See? Each of these tactics on their own can be inserted into your own marketing strategy with ease.

B-to-B marketers still regard their challenge as different from B-to-C marketing. It very well may be; however, we're hopeful you'll find these suggestions helpful in boosting your own strategy to get in front of customers. If not, give us a shout!

You can find us right here!


Aug 30, 2016

Organic influence is rarely addressed on this whole influencer relations spectrum. Most of the relationships brands have with influencers is all about the paid opportunity.

You know, when a fairly large brand hires influencers to stump for that brand and the influencer gets paid to do so? There has to be a disclaimer for that or else the FTC will breathe down the necks of brands and influencers, too.

That said, P&G launched a huge influencer campaign with mommy bloggers. The brand was touting its new diaper and moms were all over it. Turns out the diaper wasn't working and babies behinds were getting painful rashes. Ouch. P&G turned it up a notch and enlisted support from an entire cadre of mommy bloggers to listen and turn it all around.

That's a good paid influencer story.

What's a good organic influencer story? In this episode of The Heart of Marketing, Jayme Soulati shares her story about becoming an influencer in public relations via development of her personal brand as a blogger. You'll hear about how that happened and the result.

This influencer thing? It's all the rage right now, and in Episode 86, we share some good thoughts about the topic, too. In this episode, we give a shout out to Mark W. Schaefer and his cohost Tom Webster on The Marketing Companion podcast who just realized the fun of audio emojis. John Gregory Olson is the KING of audio emojis and has been doing them for exactly 87 episodes!

When you listen, think of what we say as this:

1. Does my business need a boost with an outside influencer to help share stories about my brand to their customers who may become mine?
2. Do I have a budget to spend on a paid influencer campaign?
3. Can I do organic influence based on my ability to parlay my personal brand throughout a wider net?

If you're stuck with this whole influencer thing, give us a shout. We can help you on the show with some thoughts because 3 heads are better than 1!

Aug 23, 2016

Mega churches are little cities. In fact, they are large corporations with tens of thousands customers, two-to-three hundred staff and internal marketing teams that function like an agency.

Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota is no different. Our illustrious co-host on the Heart of Marketing John Gregory Olson is a congregant there and, moreso, he's a videographer operating cams and production for the weekly services.

Our guest today is Kevin Weiers, a visual brand marketing professional for Living Word. What Kevin says is cookie cutter. You can pick it up and transfer it seamlessly to your own branding and visual marketing to rock the customer engagement.

Here is only a smidge of what you will glean today from Kevin:

1. Get a response. Marketing is all about earning a response and rebranding is not always the answer.
2. Brand consistency is important across all the channels.
3. Empower the client and customer to evoke emotion.
4. Ask for feedback! Before a rebranding, which can easily fail, do the research.
5. Make a connection to the vision.

We're so thankful of Kevin's time to be with us today. He shares some #RockHot insights that teach, and you can be his student. Take a listen!

You can connect with Living Word Christian Center, Minnesota this way:

Facebook --

Instagram -- @livingwordMN

Twitter (in the title)

Aug 16, 2016

This episode of The Heart of Marketing with John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati explores the circle of influence, that old-new buzzword coming back and remaining in vogue.

Back in the day, when social media was nascent, Klout took control of influence. Then folks began to dissect this gamification as foul. Triberr roared with bloggers and an influence program that paid bloggers to write for startups and brands wanting more clout. Kred was born to compete with Klout, and ohmygoodness, each of these three still exist but are mere shadows.

Then Facebook reared its _____ head (you fill in the blanks), to adjust its algorithm (surprise!) again by putting friends and family first at the chagrin of publishers.

What that means is the need to develop an influencer campaign.

If you'd like to learn more about what that looks like or even means for your business, listen in.

We'll take a look at:

1. Vetting an influencer

2. Disclaimers for influencers you hire

3. What does influencer mean, really

4. Some tips on launching such a campaign

5. Why you may consider it


Aug 9, 2016

IDG is the world's largest tech and data company, or some such big descriptor, and is a large global Fortune company.

Like other companies, it has a culture and it has a brand; yet, the two were misaligned. Sound familiar? We've done a Culture Series on The Heart of Marketing where we explore how culture aligns with brand and mission, vision, values.

IDG looked across its corporation and realized how siloed it had become. Customers knew one specific product solution, but had no idea about others the company offered. That's a branding fail! No cross selling could occur well.

There was splintered messaging, employees were uninformed, there was no chief marketing officer at the helm, and a series of other 'nots.'

It was time to take action, and how did IDG do so on a global platform?


A very grassroots approach using employees was how IDG launched a brand culture revamp. Brand Ambassadors were its secret sauce, and these people were not from the marketing department!  The brand ambassadors were authentic, and became authentic influencers, too.

This episode is a must-listen because it's a perfect example that you can't be too large and still need to align brand culture with mission, people, vision, customer, and values. Right?

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Our co-host @digitaljgo shares his rebrand story

The pros and cons of patriotic branding

Aug 2, 2016

Think about your colon health. This episode is about that. If you're 50, you know you're supposed to have a baseline colonoscopy about that time, right?

Well, hats off to the makers of Nolan The Colon, a 20 ft. inflatable colon wending its way to a venue near you.

Traditional public relations (PR) has always worked, but it got put aside during the onset of digital marketing. Now that we're in the post-social media era (where social media is no longer new and it's become integrated into the rest of the marketing world), marketers and public relations professionals need to be creative again and use the media tour, the event strategies, and the unique to entice consumers to pay attention.

It's all about clutter right now, and when an event strategist uses good old public relations, hat's off!

Jayme Soulati is a veteran PR professional and John Gregory Olson is a digital marketer who integrates all the blended marketing into his campaigns. Together they are The Heart of Marketing, and this podcast would not be alive and well without you.

Listen in for ideas you may want to consider for your business, whether or not it's health oriented or not. Because, consumers like a walk through a polyp-littered colon, right?

Jul 26, 2016

It is our great pleasure to welcome Director of Marketing Daniel Hebert of Post Beyond to the show today on The Heart of Marketing. Jayme Soulati and Daniel cover an amazing length of ground today, and you will not be disappointed with many of the following:

1. How Post Beyond helps clients target employees to spread the brand beyond the confines of the company
2. Whether it's a good thing to worry about the competition over customers
3. If disruption is creating a forward-thinking clarity or confusion?
4. Breaking silos to effectualize better sales enablement
5. My favorite question, "Is blogging dead?"

This and more are what Daniel and I wax about while John Gregory Olson jumps in with his attempted funnies.

There are a ton of tips here, too, and my favorite part of the interview is the very end!

Thank you, Daniel Hebert of Post Beyond!

Jul 19, 2016

Yoga classes at the grocery store?

It sounds like a weird idea.

But some supermarkets are making a play to transform themselves into a place where customers will want to hang out rather than just pick up groceries and go straight home.

And they’re getting creative with the idea.

Some of them are offering fitness classes, wine bars, facials, child care, and even putting greens, to lure customers away from online stores.

It’s all part of a strategy to make the grocery store a social destination by creating experiences that can’t be had online.

It makes you wonder …

Is this a smart idea? Or is it taking experiential marketing to the point of the absurd?

That’s what we seek to answer in this episode. Join us for the conversation (and quite a few laughs).

Episode highlights:

  • Rethinking your business model
  • Adapting to customer mindsets
  • Consistency and brand experiences
  • Building a destination community
  • Why yoga pants stink
Jul 12, 2016

We all know John Gregory Olson as the #RockHot co-host of The Heart of Marketing with moi, Jayme Soulati, the ORIGINAL #RockHot whatever. Today is a special episode because I get to put John in the hot seat to pull his personal branding story from the trenches.

Small Business Re-brand

Every small business, and heck, even larger ones, has to endure a re-brand every now and again. John has done it now twice with an initial website migration and now with a domain change that required more content migration and starting from essentially scratch.

Why Re-Brand?

When you listen, you'll hear tips from a pro on the following:

Whether a site migration is a negative for domain authority
What is the why about whether a re-brand is necessary
How podcasting has helped with writing power to revise a dead blog
Naming the new entity and how message mapping is helpful

Listen in today as Jayme takes the reins from John (who really doesn't like it too much), and John becomes a masterful storyteller (while still poking fun at me, heh) about rebranding his website and blog.

Thanks for listening, heart marketers!

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