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Despite all the latest digital marketing technology, the fundamentals of good marketing haven’t changed a whole lot. At its core, we still need a solid strategy. And we still need to make human connections. That is The Heart of Marketing. Join hosts Jayme Soulati and John Gregory Olson for an informative and entertaining romp through the digital marketing world today. You get an insider view of a variety of topics to help you win customers and grow sales. Some of the topics we’ll cover include: online publishing, public relations, content marketing, social media, mobile, branding, message mapping, marketing integration, and lots more. All delivered with the wit and wisdom of two accomplished marketing pros. Meet your hosts ... JAYME SOULATI is president of Soulati Media, Inc. and is a message mapping master. She hails from Chicago's public relations firms and delivers strategically blended marketing based on core PR with content, social and digital. She is an award-winning blogger since 2010 and brings perspective in business since 1984. Jayme is a past president of the Publicity Club of Chicago. Find her at JOHN GREGORY OLSON has more than 25 years of B2B marketing experience in both agencies and corporations spanning manufacturing, legal publishing, imaging supplies, healthcare, and nonprofit. John has designed and executed marketing strategies that have generated in excess of $300 million in revenue for 3M, Thomson Reuters and other global businesses. John is a past president of the Midwest Direct Marketing Association. In 2014, John was ranked #52 on Onalytica's list of the top 200 content marketing influencers in the world. John specializes in helping midsized business organizations grow customers and sales with integrated digital marketing strategies. Find John at
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Dec 29, 2015

Online community is all the rage, and no one really knows how it’s done unless you’re Rosemary O’Neill, co-founder and president of Social Strata, a company since 1998.

This remarkable executive who is always accessible online, in community, on the Interwebz, directing traffic, and planting seeds like a farmer, is our guest today on The Heart of Marketing. Jayme Soulati interviews with John Gregory Olson running sidebar. 

She is the consummate example of how a company president should behave. She gets to do that so well because she is a ‘designated extrovert.’

Rosemary brings so much value to the conversation and your brand, and we invite you to listen in to gain a few tips on:

  • Why renting space on LinkedIn or Facebook is not the best decision for your community-building effort
  • Why relationship is absolutely critical online, and you can use her actions as your example
  • How, the Software as a Service platform built and offered by Social Strata, will help your brand realize its dreams (do brands dream?)
  • Why you can get all the data you want and need to support your business objectives and why it is that you’re getting nothing from Facebook

Social Media Poster Girl
Rosemary has been planting seeds, sowing, reaping, and building relationships since we met on Twitter and IRL at Social Slam, the now defunct social media conference that our network’s celebrity Mark W. Schaefer ran a few years running. We had a total blast having an opportunity to bump shoulders with the future big wigs in the space.

I can honestly share that Rosemary O’Neill is one of those very special big wigs who is down-to-earth, does not have a large ego, is thoughtful and caring, and absolutely is accessible to you and your needs.

Follow Rosemary O’Neill at @rhogroupee, friend her on other social channels, and ask her for a demo of to launch your company’s community platform. Now that I’ve planted the seed, please help me make it grow because you cannot go wrong with what Rosemary and her team are offering up in the field of dreams.

Resources -- This is an example of an organization using to build community

Social Strata Blog



Dec 22, 2015

Culture and fear erode brand loyalty among consumers, and that means businesses need to be more nimble to morph with the changes.

Jayme Soulati believes 2016 to be The Year of Fear, and why do you think that is?

There are too many tumultuous market indicators pointing toward a rocky year.

The world is truly at war, and it causes concern among companies and customers alike.

The sentiment and perspective of consumers and consumer behavior, econometrically speaking (look for that word early on on the show!) are in the dumps.

So, what's a company to do?

In this episode of the Heart of Marketing podcast, John Gregory Olson introduces the 5 Pillars of Heart Marketing. It's the new philosophy to live by, so do take a listen and incorporate a few into your business!


Billy Delaney's Fresh-Oil podcast with Jayme Soulati

Marketing Predictions In the Year of Fear 2016


Dec 15, 2015

Our subject matter expert for today’s show is John Nemo, author of five books and former Associated Press reporter who has written for 150 publications throughout his esteemed career. John is an expert on LinkedIn, and in this show, he acts like he’s at a hootenanny raising the barn and kicking it up. You’ll like what you hear and laugh with John’s sense of humor, too.

John Gregory Olson, co-host of The Heart of Marketing, asks some direct and good questions (according to the other John), and what you hear is John’s (the other John) expertise about using LinkedIn for connections, business development and earning the sale.

We are not going to give away the store here, because you’ll need to listen. What we will tell you is this, though – no one should expect that they have the right to intrude on LinkedIn until they earn it. LinkedIn is similar to any of the social channels – you need to build the relationship and share something of value.

If you want to publish on LinkedIn, you can and should, but ensure it bears weight and isn’t just bragging. LinkedIn is growing daily with 400 million members from nearly every country in the world. With its purchase of, the platform is seeking to be the number-one resource for companies and those seeking to use it for how-to, business development, networking, recruiting, and more.

We love John Nemo, and we appreciate him coming to our show; thanks, John!


Dec 8, 2015

We did it! We reached our 50th episode, thanks to all of YOU! For some reason, turning 50 is a really big deal, even in life when you hit that 'halfway mark.'

The Heart of Marketing was launched Feb. 1, 2015, and we have consistently posted an episode once weekly since then. It has been a wonderful experience, and John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati thank you for listening and keeping us going.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

John puts his amazing talents together with sound clips and shares a big surprise with Jayme from Episode 000. Jayme twists it all up and please listen to laugh with us both!!

We wonder why Episode 021 is our most popular about 'Generalists vs. Specialists,' and we continue to ask our listeners to tell us. Maybe our wonderment keeps this episode the highest because we keep wondering!

Jayme really likes the episode with IKEA when she talks about the new rules of media relations oriented to veggie balls!

John loves to share the laughs with the episode on Chinese caskets with another clip.

Please listen as we reminisce and share our fond recollections about how we launched the podcast, what makes us laugh (and bathroom humor is also included)!

Nov 30, 2015

How do brands survive today to reach customers and prospects? Think about your own brand and how consistently it engages on social media channels. Are you established in business long enough to remember the days of yore when traditional marketing and media were the recipe for success?

It may very well be that social media is already waning. Look at all the daily changes on YouTube with its new subscriber offering, Facebook (all the time), Twitter trying to be profitable, and G+ (on its way out the door).

When you listen to the classic Ted talk by Simon Sinek in 2009, you are reminded that 'people buy why.' Brands are brands because people are curious, they want to be at the front of the pack, they want a relationship, and they want to be loyal. That's human behavior.

If social media died, well, you're going to need to listen to The Heart Of The Matter at the end of the show to see what you might do when it dies, as we knew it.

And, Jayme summarizes it neatly -- it's not what if, it's when. Join us, John Gregory Olson and Jayme on another episode of The Heart Of Marketing.

Shout Out
Shakirah Dawud, Deliberate Ink
Simon Sinek, Start With Why

Nov 24, 2015

No one has ever accused marketers of being liars, until you read the book, ‘Evolve, Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed,’ by Hessie Jones and Daniel Newman.

In this guest appearance by Hessie, CEO of ArCompany in Toronto, Jayme Soulati quizzes Hessie to get to the bottom of whether marketers are liars, or not. It's an intriguing question with an even-more intriguing answer.

Throughout the discussion, Hessie shares her keen insights from her breadth of experience in the corporate world circling around data analytics and marketing. Using the knowledge of those who contributed to her book, Hessie brings a perspective to the show about what's actually happening in marketing today.

Together, Jayme and Hessie share food for thought on the future and evolution of marketing in its current state of disruption. Listen to the end in the Heart of the Matter when John Gregory Olson chimes in to add his thoughts, too.

Buy Hessie Jones's Book, Evolve

Buy Hessie Jones and Daniel J. Newman's Book right here, 'Evolve, Marketing As We Know It Is Doomed'

Episode Highlights

•    Why marketers can certainly be considered liars
•    Insights into the millennial think tank with several takeaways
•    A sense of where we are today; can you say ‘bubble?’
•    Two examples of companies doing marketing well
•    Essential tips for daily marketing practice

About Hessie Jones

As a seasoned digital strategist, Hessie Jones continues to challenge the notion of complacency. With extensive experience in technology including start-ups, banking, advertising and social media, Hessie has held management positions at Yahoo!, Citi, ONE Advertising and Aegis Media.Hessie is the author of EVOLVE: Marketing (as we know it) is Doomed!

As an active writer for Switch & Shift, SAP, Talent Culture, Huffington Post, and Steamfeed, Hessie is a purveyor for understanding and adapting to change: in marketing practices, in communication, in understanding the evolving consumer mindset and behavior. Currently, Hessie is the Founder of ArCompany, helping companies realize the value of social intelligence and its impact on the inevitable next level of social business. She’s also a cellist, MBA guest lecturer, wife and hockey mom.

Nov 17, 2015

In this episode of The Heart Of Marketing, John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati do the volley dance and share tips back and forth about social media marketing. It’s their attempt to rescue marketers’ image from Episode 045 ‘Did Marketers Kill Social Media?’

Hat tip to Jayson deMers who writes on Forbes who is the king of listicles and is crushing it with his content. We were both inspired by a blog post he wrote on 100 Social Media Marketing Tips, although we didn't copy or steal; we just got ideas…OK, Jason?

Here’s a bit about what you will hear in this episode:

  • Why social media goals are still important
  • Frequency of posts and quality of followers
  • How you can influence your brand
  • Who are you on social media and how can you improve presentation
  • What happens if you burn out?
  • More so, what happens if Twitter disappears?


    Mark W. Schaefer’ blog with guest author Kerry Gorgone speaking about legal implications with hashtags
    Shonali Burke, who is the consummate PR maven, checking opt-in tools for  The Social PR Launchpad
Nov 10, 2015

Episode 046 of The Heart of Marketing is a ton of fun at the top, and you'll see how when Jayme Soulati chastises John Gregory Olson for knowing absolutely nothing about The Bachelor series. (Well, why would he when he's a happily married guy?)

That said, The Bachelor is banging it up in social media and leveraging its brand for its 20th season. We take you down the road of reality shows where we (embarrassingly) cannot recall the names of the most popular.

While we kick it up and share how and why the social media experience matters to The Bachelor, we'll take you back to full circle and why this story has implications for your business, too.

This episode may seem frivolous at the onset, but listen to the end, and you'll get some solid tips for your own social media experience with customers.

Takeaways of Episode 046

  • How much should your audience help you create future strategy?
  • Are reality shows really smarter than they appear?
  • Using Twitter to influence marketing
Nov 3, 2015

Marketers can't leave well enough alone, can they? We consumers (ahem, disclaimer, John and Jayme are marketers) used to have an uninterrupted experience on Facebook until all those ads and cookies put junk in our stream.

Then Twitter decided to go IPO and attempt to monetize and create an easier user experience with changes to character limits and more. There's a buy button on Pinterest, and Google+ is wondering just how to keep that channel alive and well.

Maybe we should agree it's the social media channels themselves that killed the social media user experience, eh? Maybe not. Marketers at each social media channel are sitting in planning sessions trying to determine how to make a buck.

What does all this have to do with the social media user experience? And, how does that affect the mid-tier company? How about the service business?

Takeaways from Episode 045

  • Social media is not a push exercise, Marketer!
  • Should your company marketing strategy rely on social media?
  • Marketers lost control of the social media experience; what they're doing to regain the upper hand.

P.S. Episode21 is our most popular and we don't know why. Pros and Cons of Specialist v Generalist.

Books We Recommend
'Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World' by Gary Vaynerchuk

Oct 27, 2015

Advertising does not build relationships, and it's based on outdated methods, said John Gregory Olson in episode 44 of The Heart of Marketing. And, just to be clear, what that means, advertisers, the almighty consumer hates you.

Just look at how many people have invested in ad-blocking apps and software. Look at the cottage industry that has sprouted as a result of building ad-blocking tech. Just how desperate are people to avoid annoying ads? John shares the data in this episode.

We as a populace are tired of the interruption by pop-up ads and the data shows it. About .06 percent of ads are clicked on and response rates are poor; yet, advertisers continue to push ads to get consumers' attention (and fail).

The interruption marketing model is dead, and the advertising industry has finally realized its model is failing. Publishers are losing ad revenue, and Jayme Soulati predicts the demise of small publishing houses that publish niche publications.

Consumers are weary of getting bombarded with ads on every platform, space, and site; what's a mid-tier company to do?

Listen through to the heart of the matter where Jayme and John look at what it means for companies that rely on advertising. Are there any solutions beyond and besides advertising? Here's one suggestion from Jayme -- public relations works, while John suggests that email marketing is the best less obtrusive option instead of advertising interruption.

Oct 20, 2015

When we recorded episode 043 of The Heart Of Marketing podcast, the Volkswagen cheating scandal was just unfolding. John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati, co-hosts, didn't know that the engineers would be implicated for their retooling of software to cheat the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This episode runs in and out and around the entire issue of the VW crisis and the mystery of how the  C-suite was allegedly unaware of the situation. Moreso, we talk frankly about how customer trust is a pillar of heart marketing and that 'Transparency + Authenticity = Trust' was not heeded by VW at all.

What's a mid-sized company to do? We throw out examples of BP and Coca-Cola, and then bring it home to a smaller-tier company. Once customer trust is polluted, literally, the brand has a tough time to regain it.

In this era of the digital age, customer trust is continuously eroding. Brands are struggling not to engage with crisis. Often, how well a brand bounces back has much to do with the after-effect.

What's your view of how well or if VW can recover?

Oct 13, 2015

A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed with a pseudo Coca-Cola apology caught our eye and The Heart Of Marketing team dived right in to our first pillar of heart marketing – transparency and authenticity equal trust.

Have Coca-Cola and Pepsi been 100 percent transparent with customers in light of the latest spin control by Coke to apologize for putting 12 teaspoons of sugar in a coke? Recently, there have been a variety of public relations disasters with beverage companies trying to align healthy pop to lifestyle.

As these beverage behemoths grapple with 10-year declining sales and growing consensus that sugary drinks promote disease, the pressure is on to come clean, literally, with customers and ‘do better.’

What are the benefits of transparency in business, anyway? Should your company care about being real and truthful to customers and stakeholders? Jayme Soulati and John Gregory Olson explore what it means to build customer loyalty with transparency as a pillar of heart marketing.


Soda Takes Its Fight to the City
How Coke’s Obesity PR Stunt Blew Up In Its Face
Trust in the Age of Transparency
Authenticity is the New Bullshit

Oct 6, 2015

This is a fast-paced episode of The Heart Of Marketing where John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati spend more time trying to outdo one another's sound bites along with huge laughter. (You be the judge, did John get the best of Jayme in this one?)

Episode 41 is loaded. There's real value here for anyone interested in learning more about content sharing tools. When you live online as we do, the more you share, the more you're noticed and grow your brand. To share the content you desire most and that fits your specialty, there are a handful of tools you should know about.

In this episode, you'll get the skinny on about 10 social sharing tools that Jayme and John use every day, and there will be many more tossed out for your consideration. We do our periodic volley (with giggles, and Jayme wins out over John, as usual) to share as many tools we recommend as possible in our 30 minute show.


Be sure to check out John Olson's Digital Marketing Weekly on right here!

PicPresents is a resource providing a list of other content sharing tools.

You'll hear about these and more in this value-add episode:


Sep 28, 2015

He's back! The incredibly talented and smart, Scott Hornstein, of B2P Partners, who shared his expertise in E-029 about the deadness (or not) of direct marketing.

Today, Scott and John Gregory Olson share more about marketing persona based on Scott's in-depth work with voice of customer, a proprietary product and service his agency, B2P Partners delivers.

Whether or not you use persona in your business today is irrelevant. The fact is you need to pinpoint who your customer is and work hard to develop products and services that align with that customer persona.

Scott indicates that the mindshare of marketers today, though, is not on retaining customers (as it should be) but on going after prospects. Marketers need to adjust that focus and redirect to engaging with customers via persona development.

Jayme Soulati offers commentary at the front and back end! Thank you Scott for coming back on the show!

Here's a freebie for our listeners:

The first who leaves a review on iTunes for The Heart Of Marketing and mentions the Scott Hornstein episode in their review will get a hard-cover copy of Scott's book, 'Opt-in Marketing, Increase Sales Exponentially with Consensual Marketing.'

Take a listen! We thank you!

Sep 22, 2015

Digital marketing is all the rage, and everyone wants to create leads for sales and services from websites, landing pages, calls to action, auto responders, and more.

That's part of the master plan for The Heart of Marketing brand (and podcast). We're doing our podcast well, and it can be considered a lead magnet to invite people into our funnel. But, our funnel is non-existent; it's a concept. That's why John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati, cohosts, brainstorm in real time on Episode 039 of The Heart Of Marketing on how to create a funnel for one of their offerings (yet to launch live).

We've picked our Blog EMT program. In a message mapping session Jayme did with John, they deduced that John rescues companies from poor marketing--much like an emergency marketing technician. Together the two came up with the blog EMT program and now they want to flesh out concepts for the program and develop a funnel to bring in leads.

This episode is a real-time case study as we look at:

  • funnel creation and the steps one needs throughout a funnel path
  • lead magnets,
  • what could be written to bring people into the funnel, and
  • best resources to help people understand more about digital marketing funnels.

Jayme knows most of all about failure with funnels, and she shares. John is all about the strategic planning aspect of nurturing funnel development. Patience and consistency are two tips in learning the best way of developing a funnel to create a successful online brand.


  • Amy Porterfielda successful digital marketer with a robust funnel that works
  • Jon Loomer, an advanced Facebook marketing expert with a 72-page e-book as his top-of-the-funnel giveaway
  • Gini Dietrich, creator of Spin Sucks Pro, with her own case study of online marketing
  • LinkedIn Look Up, a new app that allows people inside companies to look  up peers who work at the same company
  • LeadPages, the most popular tool to generate landing pages for funnels
  • Marketing Profs, SEO School
  • Message Mapping ebook, free
Sep 15, 2015

In this episode of The Heart Of Marketing, Jayme Soulati provides a roundup of four of the big and branded email marketing providers. She also shares a bit about why it's important to build a list and send regular communication to the folks who've opted in.

Cohosts John Gregory Olson and Jayme have a master plan, and it also involves selecting an email marketing provider.

Learn a bit more about Mail Chimp, AWeber Email Marketing, Constant Contact, and InfusionSoft. Before you make a selection for either of these or another, be sure you have a strategy that fits your master plan to grow your business.

Before Jayme shares her findings, beware of the first 10 minutes of banter. It's a little longer than most, but it segues nicely into the topic du'jour.

Sep 8, 2015

News of Facebook’s new patent for using friends' credit ratings and other personal data for scoring your credit opens a discussion of the good and bad about collecting social data.

For this episode on The Heart Of Marketing with John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati, we went back and forth about where to point the fault finger about credit scoring, Facebook, and online data collection.

Facebook is now as formidable as ever with its new patent on social data relationships to credit scoring. Turns out, Facebook isn't even the first mover in this realm. Other companies like Kabbage, Kreditech, and Lenddo are leaps and bounds ahead.

Did you know you may be denied a small business loan if you rub shoulders with friends who have poor credit ratings? The practice is transparent in Europe, but in the U.S. credit scoring as it relates to your friends' circles may be more front and center with Facebook.

We dive in pretty deeply about the pros and cons and how you can use this to your advantage as a Facebook marketer using target audiences for your campaigns.


Jon Loomer is an advanced Facebook marketer. Take a look at his #RockHot material.
Mark W. Schaefer wrote a blog post about the shifting sands of Facebook marketing.
CNN Money shares a story about Facebook friends and credit scoring with a variety of the players already in the landscape.

Sep 1, 2015

The Heart Of Marketing is not only a podcast but a nascent brand. John Gregory Olson and I (Jayme Soulati) have big plans. We want to be a place where marketers can come to find content, tips, products, and services.

To get there from where we launched in February 2015, exactly seven months ago with more than 9,000 downloads of our 35 podcast episodes (milestone!), we knew we needed help.

Our virtual startup needed a summer intern, and in this episode we speak with Claire Freier, a Hillsdale College in Michigan junior. She shares her internship experience with The Heart Of Marketing's John Olson, and I jump in at the back of the interview with my thoughts on the experience, too.

Why Hire An Intern
Having an intern is no piece of cake. In fact, it's more like sauerkraut and cake with some sour and sweet all mixed together. We loved having Claire on board; she made us get organized and communicate better. And, we were a true team with weekly meetings and deadlines. And, when all good things came to an end and we sent Claire back to school, John and I shed crocodile tears at our loss.

We made Claire write things she never knew existed. In fact, she's written a chapter for our upcoming book on internships, very much inspired by her being with The Heart Of Marketing virtual startup brand.

Listen in and hear more from Claire; she's one smart cookie with some lemon mixed in.

Contact Us!

Claire Freier can be reached @clairelynn223

Jayme Soulati can be reached @Soulati

John Gregory Olson can be reached @digitaljgo

Aug 25, 2015

Are you a novice or established digital marketer? If either, you’ll be familiar with a marketing funnel as a lead generation tool for your business.  There are a variety of tools and techniques to launch a marketing funnel for your digital marketing strategy, and in this episode, John Gregory Olson of JGO Digital explains more about:

•    Auto responders
•    The 5 stages of the funnel featuring Ryan Deiss’s teachings
•    Lead magnets
•    Email marketing

Jayme Soulati, president of Soulati Media, Inc., shares her experiences with HubSpot, the leading inbound marketing platform, as well as the importance of choosing the right email-marketing provider to grow with. And, she's not shy to admit her failures along the way!

At each stage of the discussion, the two weave in ideas and concepts for the various stages of the funnel based on The Heart Of Marketing’s Blog EMT service. As emergency marketing technicians, John and Jayme rescue companies from dead-blog syndrome.

What would a funnel look like for such a service? How can you relate these takeaways to your own digital funnel?


DigitalMarketer teachings by Ryan Deiss

HubSpot inbound marketing software

Aug 18, 2015

The Heart Of Marketing is a podcast, and it’s also a brand. Jayme Soulati and John Gregory Olson are the co-CEOs (because who cares what our title is?), co-hosts and co-creators of everything The Heart Of Marketing.

The first idea came from the desire to podcast, and it’s all flowing from there in turtle fashion with lots of learning and testing and launching to see what’s sticky.

Starting a Digital Business

We have a grand plan. From years of watching the big guns do the very same thing and from years of seeing all their 6-figure incomes roll in and get shared, John and I want to ditto that.

In this episode 34, we share some In Real Life (IRL for you texticon challenged folks) tips about how we are painstakingly marching forth baby step by baby step with the following plan of action:

1.    Brand the product and create a home for our community
2.    Ideate and publish hot content that drives traffic and solves a business challenge
3.    Align with a web host that is trustworthy, knowledgeable about our business, and not too cheap that we get what we pay for
4.    Develop a robust website with lots of interactive clicks for you
5.    Build a funnel with even more downloads and content and opportunities to learn as you launch your own online marketing endeavor

This episode has a small-business flair because John and I are very small business ourselves; yet we represent and work with mid-tier business to blue-chip corporations on a regular basis.

Let us know if you have any specific questions about your digital marketing journey as it unfolds. We’re right there with you!

Aug 10, 2015

That buzz word. Omni-channel marketing or Multi-channel marketing, whatever your preference. It’s right here in Episode 033 of The Heart Of Marketing podcast with Jayme Soulati (moi) and John Gregory Olson (my illustrious co-host in crime).

Today we explore a treasure bomb by Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water. Its Project Hustle campaign was brought to light by my kidlet, the ever-curious 13-year-old who is not a target audience of Vitamin Water but who has an i-Phone with data plan. Which means she’s ubiquitous, just like Project Hustle. (The campaign is ended, but you can still get in on the fun.)

Don’t know about it?

You could buy a Vitamin Water bevereage
Read the label complete with deets on Project Hustle
Check the code in the cap
Head to a mobile site and watch videos of your favorite ‘hustler’ aka young entrepreneurs hustling for the big win
Vote for your faves
Help them raise funds ala crowdfunding
Win prizes of your own, and

Pretty much everything Coke touches is golden. With its big ideas and equally big budgets, nothing is unattainable. So, how might you create a Coke-esque multi-channel marketing strategy complete with:

Public Relations
Consumer Packaged Goods Labeling
Mobile marketing
Cause-related marketing
America Votes power of engagement and interactivity
Social media marketing

You’d better listen in to find out! And, if you didn’t listen in to Episode 032 on Neuromarketing, during which we also raise the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, please do. It’s one of my favorite episodes and you don’t want to miss it!

Aug 4, 2015

Marketers love to disrupt some new thingamajig into the next big thing. So, is neuromarketing the newest trend to make marketers crazy about customers’ cognitive decision making, or is it just a crock of B.S.? In fact, what is it?

In episode 32 of The Heart Of Marketing podcast, John Gregory Olson and I, Jayme Soulati, accomplish more banter and ask more questions about the philosophical nature of neuromarketing. Together we jump in and out of this newest trend to dive deeper into the brain waves of customers to determine how, when and why they buy.

Here’s a little secret…I truly consider neuromarketing as a crock; after all, hasn’t marketing been managing customer behavior for decades already?  What do you think?

Throughout this episode, we provide solid examples from The Pepsi Challenge, Chester Cheeto for the Cheeto Eaters (a new fan created by me), Coca Cola’s Share A Coke campaign, and the Zyppah.

I posed to John a question about that bag of chips with new packaging that was too loud. Do you remember? If you recall that brand of chips, drop us a review on iTunes and we’ll send you a book by Scott Hornstein called “Opt-In Marketing, Increase Sales Exponentially with Consensual Marketing.”  Here’s a hint, I wrote a blog post about this a few years ago when the topic was #RockHot!

Does your marketing campaign thrive on the neural aspects of thought, emotion and behavior? Should it?

Get more insight on this nascent field of marketing and listen for more episodes on the topic because we’ve only just begun! And, listen for our next episode on Vitamin Water and Coca Cola!


Neuromarketing: Pseudoscience no more by Roger Dooley via Forbes

Using positive framing to sell, by Roger Dooley


Jul 30, 2015

Men who shave and men who don’t, this episode 31 of The Heart Of Marketing podcast is for you, and it’s about the newbie in the men’s personal hygiene category that is knocking out the biggest players.

John Gregory Olson, a man who shaves who is also a digital marketer with JGO Digital and cohost of The Heart Of Marketing, talks all around this issue of razor blades. Mostly, he speaks about this malcontent with Gillette, the category leader.

While Jayme Soulati, the other always laughing jokester and cohost of The Heart Of Marketing podcast who is also president of Soulati Media, Inc., pokes a bit of fun at John for his intense distaste about the whole topic and his need to make a switch of razor brands, John defends his brand shift with the facts.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How a stodgy old brand sitting on its throne without a care for the new online subscription model is in a bit of trouble
  • How a category newcomer eroded market share razor by razor for the biggest players
  • The public relations opportunities for stories and content marketing around data analytics and customer behavior
  • More about the subscription economy and how you might jumpstart your brand in that realm
  • Tips on working with a massive subscriber base ala the size of the Dollar Shave Club

    Throughout this episode, Jayme and John also reference previous episodes you may wish to listen to:

    Episode 1: Taylor Swift
    Episode 2: On Disruption
    Episode 17: On Starbucks and Cause-Related Marketing
    Episode 23: On Pencils of Promise and 800-Flowers

Episode 30: Scott Hornstein on Direct Marketing



Jul 22, 2015

The big question of the day is whether to send a postcard to prospects you don't know as a branding opportunity. How many marketers still regard direct marketing as a viable campaign strategy?

Jayme's client, Alan's Collision Center in NE Philadelphia, is a non-DRP auto body repair shop. That means it is not aligned with an insurance network. To continue to keep the doors open requires marketing to people who may not need an auto body repair shop. Should Alan's Collision Center do a postcard marketing campaign to neighbors in the hopes they will recall its brand when and if they need auto body repair?

It's a common question for many businesses, and John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati banter about the pros, cons and details of postcard marketing with reminders to get the minutia correct!

When you consider that direct mail was all the rage back in the day and today, not so much, it's important to take a look at coming full circle and putting a postcard back into the omni-channel marketing mix.

Because baby boomers grew up in the catalog era they still like getting mail. Marketers interested in targeting the boomer generation should consider testing direct mail campaigns.

Jul 14, 2015

Direct marketing is a STRATEGY not a TACTIC, says industry veteran and influencer Scott Hornstein, featured today as the very first guest on The Heart Of Marketing podcast.

In this episode, John Gregory Olson interviews Scott Hornstein who is an esteemed international author, speaker and marketing consultant with the Fortune 100 in finance, manufacturing and hospitality.

As a pioneer of integrated marketing, Scott provides all of us with a taste of the B to B marketing world where direct marketing is the root of content marketing, and the journey toward a purchase decision plays out directly in content marketing.

Scott delivers years of intelligence to the Heart Of Marketing audience prompted by John’s pointed questions:

  • What role does the CEO play in purchase decisions?
  • Are people on board with the new way of thinking in the marketplace to be measurable and accountable?
  • Is direct marketing and email for old people and dinosaurs?
  • How do people learn today?
  • What is the ‘network of me’?
  • How do new ideas penetrate?

Listen in to hear tips from Scott Hornstein, author of Opt-in Marketing by McGraw Hill and consultant with B 2 P Partners.

About Our Guest

For over 30 years, Scott Hornstein has worked with clients in all phases of marketing strategy, research and implementation. His customer relationship methodology emphasizes respect and trust in all forms of marketing, and promotes consensual relationships between marketers and their customers to maximize customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value.

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